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Who is eligible?

The Everyone Is Welcome Fund provides grants to individual BIPOCs, LBGTQIA+ and ADA (no organized groups or organizations) passionate about introducing their communities to a specific outdoor activity. The grant is intended to support access to everyone, but specifically underrepresented groups.

What are grants for?

Grants are generally between $500 to $2,500* to help recipients organize outdoor activities like hikes, camping trips, paddling trips, snow sports and more as long as the focus remains on communities of color, LBGTQ+, ADA and other groups considered underrepresented in the outdoors.

Grants are intended to be used to help recipients subsidize the costs related to organizing outdoor activities. For example, paying staff, renting transportation, gear and equipment, and/or insurance.


Although grants may be used for certain types education, certification, licensing and advocacy, the focus should be introducing communities to your preferred outdoor activity during a two-season period.

Grants are currently only available to New York City residents and paid out via virtual Visa cards.

Grant requirements

The grant lasts 2 seasons and grant recipients are expected to:

  1. Join 3 trips by Welcome Fund partner organizations where they'd receive mentorship on guiding.

  2. Organize a minimum of 3 fee-based** trips per season over 2 consecutive seasons (i.e. spring & summer, fall & winter) outside of NYC for exclusive listing*** on this website and/or Welcome Fund partner websites. There are no limits to how many trips grant recipients can organize during their two seasons.

The Welcome Fund is able to refer grant recipients to partners that can support them by providing some or everything they'd need to organize a successful trip, including ideas on what to do, where to do it and how to get there, how to do it and promote it, vehicle and equipment rentals, affordable insurance, etc.

Apply Here
How did you hear about us?
Do you currently own an outdoor guiding business?
Do you intend to operate an outdoor guiding business in the future?

Thank you for applying! Please give us 4 to 6 weeks to receive a response.

*Grant amounts are based on how far along a grant applicant is with their concept and are paid out in two equal amounts before a grant recipient starts and at the start of their second season.

**Fees collected are split between grant recipients and The Welcome Fund. These fees support The Welcome Fund.

***Grant recipients are free to organize any trip they want outside of this grant and list it anywhere they want. However, at that point, that trip would not be supported by this grant.

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