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The Outdoors Is Diverse.
Outdoor Recreation Is Not. Help Us Change That.

It's more than just a webinar to discuss what can be done. More than just another ad depicting black and brown people in it. It's more than just a sponsorship. It's a pledge.

If you landed on this page from another website, that business or activity has pledged to treat everyone respectfully regardless of gender, race, sexual preference, age, country of origin and different abilities or appearance.


Additionally, a portion of their profits goes towards The Everyone Is Welcome Fund to support diversity across outdoor recreation.

Now, let your community know you pledge to support a more diverse and inclusive outdoor recreation industry, too!


Start your application below. Once approved, your organization or activity will be eligible to proudly feature The You Are Welcome Here badge on your website!

Through initiatives like this, we're helping to create safe outdoor spaces for excluded communities to participate across a variety of outdoor activities.

Support the Pledge!

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You Are Welcome Here! Badges

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