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Sharing Outdoor Spaces Fund

In 2014, the Green 2.0 study showed that 89% of environmental groups are lead by those who identify as white. Why? Sadly, because of the exclusionary policies of the first environmentalists that are still prevalent today and have influenced environmental programs all over the world.


Conversely, a majority of BIPOCs see environmentalism as a "white people thing". Terms like environmental racism are even used to describe how rarely BIPOC voices are heard in this conversation.

There are outdoor spaces (even in liberal U.S. states) where being different invites harrassment and danger.

Sharing Outdoor Spaces (S.O.S.) Fund aims to get underrepresented or excluded groups to participate in and affect environmental stewardship, get our voices heard by the organizations currently involved in environmental conservation and ultimately, normalize beautiful, diverse groups of people participating in outdoor activities everywhere we go.

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